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Thanks for checking out some of our work, shown below. 

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Custom Website Design / Architecture / Development

We use modern, proven technologies and methodologies to build secure, scalable, custom websites. 

If needed, we can integrate our custom localization engine that provides site admins with a visual editor, enabling you to add virtually any language to your site.

We start with detailed whiteboarding sessions to determine requirements and measures for success.  We follow this with detailed wireframes, iterative client review sessions and final design. 

Tricats is very experienced with Cloud hosting technologies and will work with you to host your application on the service of your choosing.

Microsoft AppTracker

Microsoft AppCatalog

Microsoft BizSpark

Business Analysis and Business Intelligence

We start with examining the data you have, drill down into exactly what it is you need to know, then follow with how you need to comsume it.

We are experts SQL queries, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI.  If needed, we can build custom reporting directly into a secure web-based interface with access from desktop, tablet and phone.  It's all about you and your data, and unlocking the information you need to uncover new business opportunities and improved customer service.  We are also expert with integrating artificial intelligence into your reporting to help you gain new insights using natural text and language inputs.

Power BI Reporting

Here's a sample Power BI dashboard built with fictional data.  It's interactive so go ahead and give it a try.




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